Steve Browne’s Ramblers, the best pub band I ever played in, I’m always hoping to do a gig with them whenever I’m in Edmonton.

This is me and Nate in the Humber studio beginning what would be a long struggle with a set of jigs…

One of my best experiences this year has been playing with the Toronto Ceili band. To get to play this music with a group this talented is a rare thing these days and Loretto Reid has inspired and taught all of us so much.

Playing at Churchill Square on New Years Eve with Lizzy Hoyt, Keri Lynn Zwicker and Nathan McCavana, Coldest gig of my life!

The Pulse Cd release at the Haven Social Club, and unfortunately the last time we played together before all moving to different cities.

The Primetime Players, Funkiest band I ever heard!

Playing at the Rex with Gord Sheard’s amazing Brazilian jazz combo.

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